Great day of European solar physics

There was in the end of 2015 approved and in March 10, 2016 officially presented in Amsterdam, the updated document "ESFRI Roadmap 2016". European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) provides a list of research infrastructures of pan European importance. It is extremely important for solar physicists from whole Europe, including Slovakia, that in the updated list of 21 projects of the ESFRI Roadmap was included also the EST - European Solar Telescope.

EST construction brings to European solar community the biggest solar telescope with a diameter of primary mirror 4m, which should open up new possibilities in research of our nearest star - the Sun. There in the project, participates also Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and thus represents Slovakia in the Consortium.

Currently world's biggest solar telescopes with main mirror diameters of 1 to 1.5 meters can "see" four times less than the next new telescope EST will see. The new infrastructure will cost about 200 million €, and holds great promise for the future of the entire European solar physics, including Slovak astrophysics. At the same time it guarantees that Europe will not get big lag behind in research of the Sun comparing to United States, where the construction of a similar telescope already begun.

Using EST we will be able to understand in detail the physical structure of the solar atmosphere, and processes there , the role of magnetic fields on the Sun and the development of flares and eruptions of plasma from the Sun, often threatening our civilization technology.

Over the entire document ESFRI Roadmap, see:

Ales Kucera, director of the Astronomical Institute


EST - European Solar Telescope will be situated at Canary Islands

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