Traditional meetings of astronomers at Bezovec will write their 55th chapter in 2023. The main focus of the conference, which will be held from 16 to 18 June 2023, will be the presentation of the scientific research activities of young astronomers, mainly university students.

Conferences on the achievements of stellar astronomy are among the prominent events organized annually by the Slovak Astronomical Society and the Observatory and Planetarium of M. R. Štefánik in Hlohovec. These meetings have traditionally enabled the exchange of experience between professional astronomers and those interested in variable star observations as well as other areas of astrophysics from students, young people actively working in astronomical clubs, and also the staff of observatories and planetariums from all over Slovakia.

In 2020, we expanded the focus of the conference and gave space to the staff of Slovak observatories and planetariums to present the results of their professional activities in various areas of astronomical research. The conference’s central theme in 2021 was the presentation of scientific research activities of young astronomers. The meeting was attended by 40 participants, the vast majority of whom were university teachers and students at master’s and doctoral level. The subject of the 2022 conference was the presentation of new scientific as well as older, lesser-known findings in the history of astronomy.

This year we will build on the successful Bezovec 2021 as well as the Meetings of Astronomy and Astrophysics Students, which took place in June 2022 in Ostrava during the Meeting of constituents and collective members of the Czech Astronomical Society.

The traditional Bezovec conference will be held on June 16 – 18, 2023, in the Guesthouse on Bezovec. The Czech Astronomical Society, the Faculty of Science of the P. J. Šafárik University in Košice, and the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava will also participate in its preparation and organization.

The main theme of the conference will be the presentation of the scientific research activities of young astronomers in various fields of astronomical research. In particular, students from all levels of university studies are invited to the conference to present the results of their research achieved not only during the preparation of their theses. In addition to the presentations, participants can also discuss the possibilities of mutual cooperation in astronomical research.

Contributions can be presented in the form of preview talks, conference talks, short communications, exhibitions, posters, and roll-up displays. The preferred conference language is English, which is obligatory for the preparation of presentations and posters.

You can register for the conference using the registration form.

We look forward to your participation.

On behalf of the organizing committee
Assoc. prof. RNDr. Rudolf Gális, PhD.
President of Slovak Astronomical Society