The meetings at Bezovec, which had their 51nd sequel in 2019 belong the leading events of the Slovak Astronomical Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Traditionally, they allow the exchange of experience between professional astronomers and variable stars observers, especially among students and youth actively working in astronomical clubs throughout Slovakia.

The focus of the conference was not just on variable stars, but covers a wide range of topics of stellar astrophysics, from exoplanets to cosmology. Contributions were presented in the form of review lectures, regular talks, and posters.

The Bezovec conferences are very well known not only for their valuable scientific program but also for their rich social activities, which include a welcome party, walking trips to Bezovec hill or the ruins of Tematín Castle and a conference dinner.

The Bezovec conference stories by (very long-term chair of these meetings) Ladislav Hric.

The conferences on Bezovec are in the spirit of extraordinary events. One of the famous stories tells about the group of astronomers from Ondřejov who had to elect the candidates to the Federal Assembly during the journey to Bezovec. They executed this election under Bradlo mound in Košariská village, and so far, the fame of this event has been spoken in the local pub.

The closing event is the election of the Slovak president that was realized in a chalet of Slovakofarma. In 2001, the other adventure on Bezovec was the summation of inhabitants and other things related to the summation and it was executed at the turn of Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 am.

Bezovec 2002 was exceptional not only in terms of performance but also by the execution of election in the brotherly Czech Republic. We claimed that our governments do it out of spite of us and that they do not discuss the terms of their activities with our SOC.

2003 was the next extraordinary year in Bezovec, because the organizers with the highest effort of energy ensured the exceptional astronomical event for participants – the Solar eclipse that was possible to observe from the top of Bezovec hill either on Friday late at night or on Saturday early in the morning, according to the wishes of each participant of the conference.



Friday, May 31, 2019

17:00 – Registration of participants
18:00 – Poster session
19:00 –  Dinner
20:00 – IAU100 session

20:00 – Rudolf Gális, Jaroslav MercIAU: 100 years under one sky

21:00 – Welcome cocktail

Saturday, June 1, 2019

08:30 – Breakfast
09:15 – Opening ceremony
09:30 – Scientific session 1

09:30 – Ľubomír Hambálek – Optical variability of T Tauri stars from ground-based and Kepler observation
10:00 – Andrii Maliuk, Ján Budaj – Spatial distribution of exoplanet host stars from Kepler and GAIA data
10:30 – Jaroslav Merc, Rudolf Gális, Marek Wolf –
New Online Database of Symbiotic Variables

11:00 – Coffee break
11:30 – Scientific session  2

11:30 – Rudolf Gális, Jaroslav Merc, Radoslava Bodnárová – Long-term variability of intermediate polars
12:00 – Pavol A. Dubovský – About the dependency of the spin maxima on orbital phase in the intermediate polar MU Cam

13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Conference trip (Bezovec Hill or Tematín Castle)
17:00 – Coffee break
17:30 – Scientific session 3

17:30 – Jaroslav Merc, Rudolf Gális, François Teyssier, David Boyd, Laurits Leedjärv, Marek Wolf Spectroscopic study of (up to) four outbursts of the four symbiotic stars in the recent four years
18:00 – Martin Vrašťák –
Photometric and spectroscopic observation of symbiotic variables at private observatory Liptovská Štiavnica

19:00 – Dinner
20:00 – ‘Astronomers on the Roads’ session

20:00 – Mária Hricová Bartolomejová, Ladislav Hric – 13 years involved in AO and IOAA

21:00 – Supper

Sunday, June 2, 2019

09:15 – Breakfast
10:00 – Scientific session 4

10:00 – Cyril Šolc – Rockets to the Moon
10:30 – Svetozár Štefeček – 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

11:30 – Closing Ceremony
12:00 – Lunch