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Summer 2024, Lomnicky Stit Observatory, AI SAS, Slovakia



[NEW] 2024/07/10: more detailed plan of the internship program is added
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[NEW] 2024/06/19: list of the selected students and their information about selection
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The Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Tatranska Lomnica (Slovakia) is organizing in summer this year for the first time "Lomnicky Stit Observatory Summer Internship Program" for university students of astronomy, astrophysics (and physics).

The Lomnicky Stit Observatory (LSO) is one of only a few observatories worldwide devoted to coronagraphic observations of solar prominence and emission corona. It is located at the Lomnicky Peak mountain summit (2633 m asl), and it can be reached by cable car. It is equipped with two ZEISS 200/3000 coronagraphs and two spectropolarimetric instruments based on the Lyot filter.

The internship program will be organized in 4 courses in July, August and September. The expected time plan of each course, lasting up to 5 days, is: day 1 - arrival to the LSO, days 2-4 - lectures + exercises, day 5 - departure (morning). The courses periods are: July 10-14, July 24-28, August 14-18, September 18-22. In each course, the total number of students will be up to 4 persons.


The internship will consist of lectures on Lomnicky Stit Observatory itself, on the LSO observing instruments and their principles (coronagraph, Lyot filter, CoMP-S instrument), on coronagraphic observations of the Sun (pointing system), on the LSO data reduction: CoMP-S data, and lectures on research of solar activity. Some hands-on exercises on the coronagraphic spectroscopic observations of prominences and analysis of the spectroscopic data of prominences will be part of the internship as well. The more detail plan of the intership can be found at the internship time plan page.


Fee: the internship is free of charge for the selected students.
Accommodation: free of charge (2 double rooms, shared bathroom and kitchen).
Food: cost of food, purchase of food, its delivery to the observatory and cooking at the expense of the student (at the Lomnicky Stit Mountain, there is only a cafe in the building of the cable car company, not a restaurant, so no food can be ordered there). Also, no food delivery services can provide you with food at the LSO.


The observatory is located at the Lomnicky stit mountain in the High Tatras at the altitude of 2633 m a.s.l (3D scan of Lomnicky stit summit area). It can be reached only by the commercial cable car operating from Tatranska Lomnica to the Lomnicky stit. The observatory building is quite small with really small rooms and a general feeling there might be not very comfortable for some people. You can check the indoors of the LSO in advance by viewing the PDF file of the LSO virtual guided tour. Students will be accommodated in a double sleeping room (two separate beds) with a fully equipped bed (bed sheets, quilt, pillow). The bathrooms (WC, washing basin, shower) and the kitchen (gas stove, electricity oven, microwave oven, kettle, fridge, utensils, cups, cutlery) are shared. A Wi-Fi internet connection will be provided for your devices. Potable water for drinking is available as well. There is no restaurant at the Lomnicky Stit. So, you have to purchase and transport to the Lomnicky stit all the foodstuff you will need yourself, just some basic ingredients you can use from our resources (e.g. salt). Your cooking is also up to you. Besides up to 4 students, there will be another 1 to 3 persons more at the observatory.


To reach the LSO, you have to travel at first to Tatranska Lomnica (train, bus, car). Then, you have to use three subsequent cable cars from Tatranska Lomnica to Lomnicky stit summit. The total cost of the cable car ticket is ~105 euros. Unfortunately, no financial support from the AI SAS is possible for your travel expenses. Details of the cable car transportation and puchase of the tickets can be found here (TXT file).


Announcement: 01/05/2024
Deadline for application: 14/06/2024
Decision on the selected students: 19/06/2024


Due to the high altitude and limited location of the LSO, we would like to advise students to apply only when they have no heart, lung, or low air pressure problems and with no fear of heights or closed spaces. Notice please that the air pressure at the mountain summit is only ~3/4 of the nominal pressure at the sea level.

The selected students should come to the LSO only if they have a perfect health status (no cold, etc.). Be aware that in case of health problems at the LSO, the rescue service possibilities are very limited and completely self-help (defibrillator is available). An external rescue might come to the LSO only in several hours during the cable car's regular operation in the daytime under appropriate weather conditions.


Application for the course is simple; email the filled application form (TXT file) and your CV to rybak at before 15/06/2024. You will hear from us no later than 19/06/2024 only in case of admission to our internship program.


July 10-14: Meg O'Donobhan
            Vitalii Kuksenko

July 24-28: Franek Badziak
            Yasmin Nehme
            Patryk Wyleżoł
            Michał Kopyłowski
August 14-18: Robert Adamski
              David Koller
              Klára Lelkes
              Katinka Hugyecz

September 18-22: Julie Cinková
                 Petr Lindovský
                 Tomáš Petr


Just for case of your interest to perform some hiking and/or climbing to/from/around the LSO: there is not offical hiking trial to the LSO. Any hiking trip or climbing you might plan to/from/around the LSO is at your full responsibility and risk.

Generally, hiking or climbing outside of the official hiking trail in the High Tatras requires, up to our knowledge:
a/ to be a member of a official alpinistic climbing club with an approved classification of climbing ability,
b/ an on-line registration of each hiking activity at the
c/ a special hiking health insurance,
d/ to purchase a personal maintain guide service.

If you not fulfill the requirements a/ and b/ you will be forced to pay a penalty for not obeying these regulations when the rangers will meet you. If you not fulfill the requirements c/ you will be forced to pay fully the eventual rescue activity of the mountain rescue service in case of an urgent need.

Actual official description of the regulations are in the official documents about this topic, see e.g. the web page available in several language variants (in Polish in sections "Dla gosci" -> "Regulamin zviedzania" -> "Turystyka pieszia" and "Alpinizm"). It is completely up to you, to read these regulations and follow them. Please, check also other web sides about this before you will decide to make any hiking or climbing activity.

The observatory staff have no right to organize, allow, approve or stop your hiking/climbing activities. All responsibility in this matter is personally yours! Finally, the staff of the cable car and observatory at the LS can not provide to the climbers any rescue support. We are not equipped for it.


Jan Rybak, LSO, AISAS, Tatranska Lomnica (Slovakia).

Last update: Jan Rybak, April 30, 2024