[astroCS] Resource Guide for Teaching Astronomy through Science Fiction

Richard Conn Henry henry at jhu.edu
Wed Oct 23 19:45:22 UTC 2002


	A new annotated topical index to science
fiction stories and novels that use good astronomy
is now available on the education web pages
of the nonprofit Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

	The listing currently has 195 entries organized
into 40 categories, ranging from "anti-matter" to "Venus."
It includes stories and novels by a number of
scientists (some writing under a pseudonym) and by
other writers who pay attention to the accuracy of
their science. It is not designed as a complete
index, but highlights stories that teachers have
found particularly useful for making scientific ideas
come alive for non-science students.

	The site is available at:

	The stories and novels listed deal with such
topics as the dangers of asteroid impacts and exploding
stars, the future exploration of Mars, the fate of
travelers who venture close to a black hole, the
search for intelligent life in the universe (and what
forms it might take), and what it would be like to live
among the rings and moons of the outer solar

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