CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 45, No.: 2, year: 2015

Abstract: A double nature of the circumbinary matter in symbiotic systems, i. e. the presence of H0 and H+ regions, offers an opportunity to investigate both the properties of the wind from the donor star and the effect of radiation from the ionizing companion onto the surrounding material.

In this contribution we explain the importance of the effect of ionization for a proper treating of the inversion problem for the wind velocity profile. The method allows us to obtain the models for total and neutral hydrogen column densities and corresponding wind velocity profiles. We describe in detail the process of modelling for the spherically symmetric wind and compare it with simpler approaches.

The first application of our improved approach revealed that the effect of ionization on the column density shapes is not negligible for a wide range of orbital phases, in contrast to the assumptions in previous papers. Thus, it implies a higher concentration of the wind matter than it was supposed before.

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