CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 34, No.: 2, year: 2004

Abstract: The dynamical evolution of the comets in the Oort comet cloud under the exclusive perturbation by the dominant term of the Galactic tide is studied. The purpose of this work is mapping the major effects caused by the outer perturber of the cloud and sketching a new procedure to estimate the population of the outer part of the cloud. Though the analysis of the dominant term can say a lot of a general concept of the dynamics of bodies in the cloud, it is found that other outer perturbers have to be taken into account when we deal with bringing the cometary perihelia into the planetary region. Even some subtle effects appear to be very important in this respect. If only a single main term of the Galactic tide is considered, then only ≈ 0.6 × 1011 outer-Oort-cloud comets, with minimum perihelia within the libration cycle below 35 AU, appear to be sufficient to explain the current flux of new comets into the planetary region. The real population of the entire outer cloud is, however, expected to be more numerous.

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