We are pleased to announce the international workshop:

Physics of comets after the Rosetta mission: Unresolved problems

The workshop will gather researchers studying different aspects of the physics of comets willing to discuss the heritage of the Rosetta mission with special emphasis on the remaining issues, unresolved problems, and unexpected findings.

The workshop will take place in Stara Lesna, Slovakia from 5th – 7th September 2018.

The meeting is open for every Rosetta mission fan, though the number of participants is limited. Contributions will be carefully selected by the SOC.

The workshop is organized by the Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Tatranska Lomnica, and is supported by programme SASPRO (Slovak Academy of Sciences).

This workshop is supported by Europlanet 2020 RI Work Package NA1 – Innovation through Science Networking, Task 5. The EU-project Europlanet 2020 RI has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654208.