Observing programme CoMP-S@LSO obs_prog_002:
Spectropolarimetry of Quiescent Prominences

  • TABLE OF THE OBSERVED TARGETS: An actual list of observations (v.2, 2017/02/23) (HTML, PDF, XLS - up to MS Excel 2003 or LibreOffice, performed by the CoMP-S instrument, at the Lomnicky Peak Observatory, for the OBS_PROG 002.

  • EXAMPLE OF THE TARGETS: Event #47 2014/07/13 - directory with auxiliary information.

  • CoMP-S/LSO SNAPSHOTS OF THE TARGETS: JPG and EPS format files - directory with CoMP-S/LSO snapshots of the targets, ZIP file of JPG format files, ZIP file of EPS format files.

  • Last update: February 24, 2017