2008 OPTICON Observing Campaigns:
VTT@Observatorio del Teide + TRACE

Some examples of observations

(photos: VTT+H_alpha+G/band filters+PCO cameras+TIP_spektropolarimeter)

G-band (left) and H alpha (right) images of the renmants of the AR 10997 which were taken on 27.6.2008. Both images are speckled using the KIS/speckle code. Telescope: VTT, post-focal instrumentation: G-band 1nm filter and H alpha Carl Zeiss 0.025nm filters, additional optics to devide and focus the beam in front of the TESOS spectrometer, PCO 4000 cameras.

Example of the overall presentation of the TIP 2D polarimetric data taken on 01/06/2008 taken from the TIP archive. Upper row presents time-space plots of line core velocity of lines FeI 1564.8nm and FeI 1565.2nm, magnetic flux density B, and polarity. Lower row displays the Stokes parameters I, Q, U, and V. Telescope: VTT, post-focal instrumentation: TIP / Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter.

Last update: Jan Rybak, June 05, 2008