2008 OPTICON Observing Campaigns:
VTT@Observatorio del Teide + TRACE

Some pictures of the observatory, telescope and our setup at the VTT

(photos: Peter Gomory, camera: XXX)

VTT: tank containing the adative optics KAOS (left); VIS/IR beamsplitter below the KAOS tank separating VIS light for the TESOS instruments and context imaging and IR light for the TIP spectrometer (right).

VTT: context imaging setup in front of the TESOS spectrometer (left): from left to right - optics reflecting some light for the context imaging separating it for G-band and H-alpha channels, G-band filter with the PCO camera, Carl Zeiss H-alpha Lyot filter, tube covering the light beam going to another PCO camera for H-alpha recording; the same from other side (right): from left to right - G-band filter optics reflecting light for the context imaging, optics changing the beam focus for the H-alpha channel, LCD crystal package of the VIP, holder of the TESOS entrance aperture.

VTT: the TESOS spectrometer with its open side wall: right side (left), left side with Ales Kucera and Julius Koza (right).

VTT: top of its Echelle spectrograph with the TIP detector mounted on the top of the final focal plane (left); closer look on the TIP detector and its cooling electronics (right).

VTT: Cristian Beck checking the lyquid nitrogen cooling of the TIP detector (left); entracle slit of the VTT Echelle spectrograph with the TIP detector and Ales Kucera checking status of the detector cooling.

Last update: Jan Rybak, May 28, 2008