Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences (AISAS) &
US-SK Joint Research Project on Space Weather (US-SK project)


September 13-15, 2006, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia

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Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (AISAS) organises in cooperation with the US-SK Joint Research Project on Space Weather (US-SK project) led by prof. Dr. S.T. Wu (CSPAR, UAH, Huntsville, AL, USA) a closed (upon invitation) workshop on the topic of the solar flares and their relation to initialisation of the coronal mass ejections. Colleagues working in this branch of solar physics from the Central Europe region (Austria, Croatia, Czech republic, Hungary, Poland) and Slovakia (Bratislava, Rimavska Sobota, and Tatranska Lomnica) have been invited to participate at the workshop.

Frame of the workshop is planned to be quite open. An intention is to hear oral presentations of almost all participants about their research and latest achievements in the field of solar flares and CMEs. A sufficient time is provided for these oral contributions. Attention will be taken to offer enough free time for questions and discussions during/after the oral presentation. Finally in the time schedule of the workshop special time will be devoted to be free for individual scientific discussions and networking activities.

The workshop will be held on September 13-15, 2006 in the headquarters of the Astronomical Institute (AISAS) located very near the mountain spa Tatranska Lomnica (Slovakia) in the High Tatras mountains.

Participants will be accommodated in the Guesthouse MARMOTA (known before as the SLOVNAFT pension) and hotel FORTON (formely hotel Energetik), located just ~700 meters from the headquarters, and some directly in the headquarters of AISAS. Accommodation is booked via the LOC of the workshop.

This event is supported withing the frame of the US-SK Joint Research and Education Exchange Program covered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (USA) and the Ministry of Education together with Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia) paying travel and stay of the American participants. The AISAS will provide its facilities and coffee break refreshment for free. The participants are invited by the institute to the closing dinner free of charge. We are pleased to announce that there is no registration fee to the workshop.

On Friday, Sept 15, the US Ambassador in Slovakia, R. M. Vallee, will visit the workshop for a couple of hours - breakfast with US participants, general welcome with all workshop particinants, meeting with the press, and visit of the high-altitude observatories are on the schedule of his visit.

PARTICIPANTS: (PDF file of the list of participants)

Colleagues from several countries within the Central Europe have been invited to take part at the workshop. The following colleagues have finally confirmed their participation:


Contributions announced to be presented at the workshop (final status of Sept 6):

t - longer talk (30+10 minutes), c - shorter contribution (15+5 minutes), p - poster

T. Baranyi, A. Ludmany : Some results about the impacts of interplanetary B components of CMEs' - c (presented by A.Ludmany)
M. Barta, M. Karlicky: 'Drifting Pulsating Structures: Global processes in the flare current sheet studied by MHD simulations' - c (*)
P. Bellaire    : 'Overview of the National Science Foundation's Upper Atmospheric Research Section' - c
J. Chen        : 'Physics of Coronal Mass Ejections: Recent Theoretical and Observational Advances' - t
J. Chen, J. Huba: 'Initiation of CMEs: subphotospheric energy source and propagation' - c
J. Dudik et al.:  'The model of coronal loop EUV emission in active region' - c (presented by E.Dzifcakova)
D. Falconer  : 'Development of Generalized Measures of Active-Region Total Nonpotentiality for Probing the Magnetic Causes of CMEs' - t
P. Gomory      :  'C-class flare observed with SOHO/CDS' - c              
L. Gyori, T. Baranyi, J. Murakozy, A. Ludmany : A new database: the SOHO/Debrecen Sunspot Data - SDD' - c (presented by A.Ludmany)
A. Hanslmeier  : 'Solar flares and their impact on the Earth's atmosphere' - c
P. Heinzel     : 'Spectral diagnostics of particle beams in solar flares' - t
M. Karlicky, M. Barta: 'Drifting pulsating structures: Electromagnetic aspects studied by particle-in-cell simulations' - c (*)
M. Karlicky, M. Barta: 'Drifting pulsating structures: collapsing magnetic trap as accelerator of electrons in solar flares' - p
A. Kucera et al.: 'Dynamics of the photosphere as a response to a M5.4 solar flare - high resolution spectroscopy' - c                  
A. Kulinova, E. Dzifcakova: 'Diagnostics of non-thermal electron distribution using synthetic and flare spectra' - c
A. Kepa et al. : 'Space Research Centre in Wroclaw - activity, main results and plans' - c
A. Kepa        : 'Differential emission measure distributions in X-ray solar flares' - p
P. Kotrc et al.: 'Characteristics of a non thermal electron effect in the H-alpha/H-beta line profiles ratio in the June 26, 1999 flare' - p
J. Magdalenic  et al.: 'Multi-wavelength study of the CME-flare event on 24 December 1996' - c
D. Maricic et al,: 'Synchronization of CME acceleration with the Energy Release in the Associated flare' - c
M. Minarovjech, V. Rusin: 'Solar magnetic field time-latitude and coronal mass ejections parameters distribution' - c
J. Murakozy, A. Ludmany : 'Study of correlations between sunspot distributions and motion fields' - p
J. Pap         : 'Total Solar Irradiance Variations: A Review and Perspectives' - t
P. Rapavy, D. Rapava : 'Observations of the Sun at the Rimavska Sobota Observatory' - p
K. Radziszewski, P. Rudawy: 'Temporal Dependences Between Impulsive Emission of the H-alpha Flaring Kernels and Variations of the Soft and Hard X-ray Fluxes' - c
J. Rybak       : 'Multi-wavelength flare observations: co-aligning solar data from different instruments' - c
J. Stepan, P. Heinzel et al.: 'Polarization diagnostics of proton beams in solar flares' - p (presented by P.Heinzel)
S. Stoiser     : 'Searching for possible loop filamentation in RHESSI microflares' - c
M. Temmer et al.:'Energy release rates along H-alpha flare ribbons and HXR source locations' - c
M. Tomczak     : 'X-ray plasma ejections: a link between flares and CMEs' - t
A. Veronig     : 'Recent advances in flare coronal hard X-ray sources' - t
B. Vrsnak      : 'Forces governing the take-off and propagation of CMEs' - t
B. Vrsnak et al: 'Forecasting the solar wind high-speed-streams and the associated geomagnetic disturbances utilizing coronal hole observations' - c
S.T. Wu et al. : 'Numerical Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Active Region Evolution on the Basis of the Observations' - t
V. Yurchyshyn  : 'Relationship between the magnetic field of interplanetary ejecta and their solar sources' - t
V. Yurchyshyn et al.: 'Relationship between Magnetic Power Spectrum and Flare Productivity in Solar Active Regions' - c

In total: 36 contributions - 9 longer talks (30+10min), 21 shorter contributions (15+5min), and 6 posters. 37 participants from 7 countries.

PROGRAM: (PDF file of the program)


Workshop will take place in the large lecture hall of the institute headquarters on the first floor. Posters will be placed on the nearby wall. Coffee breaks will be served in the entrance hall of the institute on the ground floor. Meeting room is located just near the lecture hall. Hotel Forton and guesthouse Marmota are located ~700m from the institute headquarters. Headquarters itself is located at about 1km from the center of the Tatranska Lomnica village. See the sketch of the local area around the institute headquarters, guesthouse Marmota and hotel Forton and the map of the Tatranska Lomnica village.

Lecture room:
Lecture room (50 seats) will be equipped with the following equipment:
- PC for presentions: MS Windows XP, PowePoint 2003, AcrobatReader 7.0, DVD R+/- Drive, USB 2.0 ports
- please come with your oral contribution either on CD, DVD or USB memory stick, or on transparencies.
- video beamer: resolution 1024x786 pixels, screen dimension ~2x3meters
- laser pointer
- remote control of the PowePoint and the AcrobatReader applications
- overhead projection for transparencies
- WiFi internet connection inside the room (IEEE 802.11g)
- DHCP connection service

Meeting room:
Meeting room (15 seats) will be equipped with the following equipment:
- PC with Internet connection: MS Windows XP, Internet Explorer
- 6 connections to Internet (TP, 100Mb) and 220V net supply for your notebooks
- DHCP connection service


US participants: organizers will cover your accommodation and breakfast directly. You will be provided by 686 Slovak crowns per day for local expenses - you have to cover price of your lunch and dinner using this money. This money will be given to you just after your arrival to venue of the workshop.

Participants from other countries (expect exchanges): it is expected that you will cover your travel, accommodation as well as local expenses by themselves. Please pay for your accommodation directly in the hotels (only Slovak crowns and credit cards are accepted, no EUR, USD, travel checks).
Final prices: 990 Slovak crowns for bed & breakfast, lunch - 250 Sk. (Notice : 1Euro ~ 37.50 Sk, 1USD ~ 29.30 Sk, Sk = Slovak crown, 7/9/2006).

Lunch: lunch is organized for all participants together for all 3 days in hotel Forton. You can buy tickets for the lunch during registration on morning Sept, 13 (price 250 Sk per day).

Dinner: Participants are free for organising their dinners in the hotels and restaurants nearby the institute or in Tatranska Lomnica. From hotels around the institute we can recommend e.g. hotel HORIZONT, hotel KONTAKT, hotel FORTON. In Tatranska Lomnica it is worth to visit restaurant 'STARA MAMA' or reastaurant 'GAZDOVSKA IZBA', pizzeria 'BEATRICE' - all are located near the train station. For a coffee or cake we can suggest 'TRIO CAFFE' directly at the platform of the train station. Exception is Friday, Sept 15, when closing dinner will be provided for all participants free of charge in the hotel TULIPAN at Tatranska Lomnica.

Coffee breaks: coffee, mineral water and biscuits will be served in the entrance hall of the institute headquarters.


Jan Rybak, Ales Kucera, Frantisek Tomasz, Oliver Strbak, Peter Gomory, Jaroslav Ambroz, Daniel Novocky (AISAS)


Jan Rybak: email: rybak AT, tel: +421/52/7879156 - office, +421/52/7879111 - operator, fax: +421/52/4467656, WWW:

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