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Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:43:11
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Subject: post-doc position in massive stars

Dear Colleges:
can you please circulate this announcement

many thanks in advance

Michel Cure

Post-doc position in observational studies of massive stars 
at Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile

The Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Universidad de Valparaiso,
Chile, invites applications for a 
postdoctoral position for an observational astronomer in the field of
massive stars. The main goal of this project
is to improve our knowledge related to the structure of circumstellar disks,
formed from material ejected by massive
and fast rotating stars, through an integrated observational plus
theoretical approach in collaboration with 
Dr. Lydia Cidale (La Plata, Argentina) and Dr. M. Kraus (Ondrejov, Czech
Republic). This work will focus on the analysis 
of the wind properties and the circumstellar geometry of objects showing the
Be or B[e] phenomenon,
using mainly data originating from the GEMINI-South facilities.
The position is for two years. The starting date should from March 1, 2010.

The successful candidate will have full access to the 10% of Chilean
observing time at the international telescopes 
operating in Chile, as ESO (VLT and La Silla), APEX, Gemini South, SOAR,
Magellan, and to the other telescopes at 
Cerro Tololo and Las Campanas observatories.

Valparaiso is, together with the neighboring town Viña del Mar, the most
important urban center of Chile, outside the capital Santiago. 
It also hosts one of the largest concentrations of Universities in Chile.
The Universidad de Valparaiso has recently created 
a rapidly growing research group in astrophysics which currently numbers
seven professors (www.dfa.uv.cl). 
Informal enquiries are welcomed and should be made to Professor Dr. Michel
Cure (michel.cure at uv.cl)

Applicants should send, before Dec. 31,  2009, and by e-mail, their CV,
publication list, statement of research interests, and 
arrange for two letters of recommendation. ?


Prof. Dr. Michel Cure
Departamento de Fisica y Astronomia
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Valparaiso
Av. Gran Bretana 1111, Casilla 5030, Valparaiso, Chile
Tel. (+56 32) 2995519    Fax. (+56 32) 2508135

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