[astroCS] Sonda SOHO ma 10 rokov

Jan Rybak choc at ta3.sk
Mon Dec 5 05:42:17 UTC 2005

Vazene kolegyne a vazeni kolegovia,

cas bezi nielen pre nas ,ale i pre vesmirne sondy.... Prikladam linku
na zaujimave stranky a kratky, ale zaujimavy sumar, desatrocnej prace 
sondy SOHO, ktoru pripravil 'project manager' sondy SOHO Dr. Bernhard 
Fleck (ESA).

Prijemnu pracu praje

Jano Rybak

TL, 05/12/2005


Thanks to one of the most productive spacecraft ever built, scientists 
are far better acquainted with the star that lights our world and 
gives us life. Built for ESA by European industry, the Solar and 
Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) went into space on 2 December 1995.

More at:


Ten years of operation without a single service or tune-up is no piece of
cake for a spacecraft.  As anyone who has operated scientific instruments
in a lab will know, it's amazing how many things can go wrong, requiring
some form of intervention or repair.  But that has not been an option for
SOHO and its instruments - if it breaks, it's broken, and all you can do
is adjust to a new reality. But miraculously, we're doing very well even
after all these years.

See also http://www.esa.int/esaSC/SEMKG5VLWFE_index_0.html
    and  http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/hotshot/

Some amazing facts about SOHO's first decade:

- 140 Ph.D. theses have been written on or about SOHO data.

- 289 scientific meetings on subjects related to SOHO appear on our
   meetings pages.

- 944 news stories appear on our newsroom pages (only recorded between
   1997 and 2005!).

- 1000 comets have been found. SOHO is the most prolific comet-finder
   observatory of all times, and has identified almost half of all comets
   for which an orbit determination has been made.

- 2300 reviewed papers using SOHO data have been published.

- 2300 scientists (approximately) appear in the author lists of those
   papers (we like to say that every current solar scientist has had the
   chance to work with SOHO data).

- 3230 science planning meetings have been held.

- 2 000 000 command blocks have been sent to the spacecraft by the ground

- 5 000 000 distinct files have been served by the web server.

- 10 000 000 exposures (almost!) have been made by the CDS instrument.

- 16 000 000 distinct hosts have been served by the web server.

- 50 000 000 exposures have been taken by MDI. They're probably quite high
   on the list of "the world's most durable camera shutters". Don't try to
   beat it with your favourite SLR camera!

- 266 000 000 web page requests have been served.

- 16 000 000 000 000 bytes (16 Terabytes) of data are contained in the
   SOHO archive.

- 85 000 000 000 000 bytes (85 Terabytes) of web pages/data have been

Bernhard Fleck

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