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Mile kolegyne a kolegove,

preposilam informaci o konferenci.

S pozdravem

Jiri Kubat

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Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:06:20 +0200 (EET)
Subject: International Conference

Would you please distribute this announcement?

During the total Solar Eclipse 2006


Side, Antalya, Turkey, 27-29 March 2006

The conference will be organised at Side (Antalya) just close to center of the 
2006 eclipse path.

Topics to be discussed in the conference and the draft program:

26 March 2006
     Afternoon; arrivals to Antalya airport and transfers to Side

27 March 2006
     Solar System Physics: Solar eclipses; Solar Atmosphere; Solar Structure and 
     Asteroids Physics; Mutual Eclipses of the solar System Members; ...
     Evening Social Activity

28 March 2006
     Stellar Physics: Occultation of Stars by Moon and other Solar System 
Members; Eclipsing Binaries;
     Stellar Structure and Evolution;...
     Evening Social Activity

29 March 2006
     Review of the total Solar Eclipse Projects
     Preparation to Eclipse Observations
     Eclipse Observations
     Closing Comments

Scientific organising commity members: Magda Stavinschi, Osman Demircan, Edwin 
Vladan Celebonovic, Dimitrij Lupishko, Panos Niarchos, Eleni R.-Livaniou

-Talks and Posters will be presented in English and selected papers will be 
-Participants will be accommodated at the Side Campus of Ankara University 
which is just at the
Mediterranian cost close to Antalya Airport, and just close to center of the 
2006 eclipse path.
Full board accomodation will not be more than 50 EUR per person per night.

- There will be a registration fee around 300 EUR for the welcoming reception, 
tea-coffe, local transport
  between airport and meeting site, social activities, abstract booklet, and a 
copy of the proceeding.

- Please fill the following form if you are interested and like to receive 
further announcements

phone, fax:
Title of the contribution:
Need of finantial support (amount):

Contact address:
Osman Demircan
Canakkale University Observatory
TR17020 Terzioglu Campus, Canakkale, Turkey
Tel/Fax: +90 286 2180612

e-mail: demircan at comu.edu.tr


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