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                           First Announcement
                     of an International Conference:


                   Litomysl, Bohemia, Czech Republic

                        31 March to 3 April 2004



On the occasion of the 90th birthday of late Professor Zdenek Kopal a
conference will be held from March 31 to April 3, 2004 in the estates
of the castle of the Bohemian town of Litomysl, where Zdenek Kopal was


* Astronomical Institute of Charles University, Prague
* Astronomical Institute of Academy of Science, Ondrejov
* Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno
* B.R.N.O. - Variable Star Section of the Czech Astronomical Society

The conference is sponsored under auspices of:

* Deputy Prime Minister for research and development, human rights
 and human resources, Petr Mares
* Governor of district Pardubice, Roman Linek
* Mayor of Litomysl, Jan Janecek
* Czech Astronomical Society

The international conference is especially dedicated to remind the
achievements of a great astronomer, but will also aim at more general
aspects of contemporary binary star astronomy.


1. Introductory session

         - Appreciation of Kopal's work
         - Reminiscences and fellows' views of a great astronomer

2. Binary star morphology

     2.1 Role of the Roche model
         - Significance for binary star astronomy and limitations
         - The Algol Paradox and its implications for binary evolution
         - Interaction effects: RLOF, mass transfer, common envelopes...

     2.2 Period variations and dynamical aspects
         - Non-conservative evolution
         - Quantitative treatment of apsidal motion
         - Triple and multiple systems
         - Problems of ephemeris determination (O-C analysis)

3. Mathematical physics and numerical modelling

     3.1 Solution of eclipse light curves
         - "Language of the stars" - Kopal's Fourier method
         - Wilson-Devinney approach and other concepts
         - Limitations of models, new techniques, future perspectives

     3.2 Evolutionary calculations for interacting binaries
         - for massive systems
         - for low mass systems

     3.3 Exploring interaction effects: modern tools
         - Doppler tomography
         - Stellar atmosphere calculations for accretion disks
         - MHD calculations for circumstellar matter

INVITED SPEAKERS (preliminary list):

1. Introductory Session

A. Batten:               Kopal's binary star legacy -
                         Appreciation of his work
E. Budding:              A fellow's view of Kopal's
                         royal road to binary stars
M. Kitamura:             Reminiscences of a Japanese contemporary

2. Binary Star Morphology

I. Pustylnik:            Resolving the Algol paradox and Kopal's
                         classification of close binaries with
                         evolutionary implications
S. Rucinski:             Contact systems (to be confirmed)
H. Rovithis-Livaniou:    Period variations of close binaries
R. Khaliullin:            Apsidal motion
P. Mayer:                Triple and multiple systems
N. Samus:                Intrinsic variables as components
                         of close binaries
C. Maceroni:             Dynamical evolution of late-type
                         close binary orbits

3. Mathematical physics and numerical modelling

O. Demircan:             Basic functions of the light curve analysis
                         of eclipsing variables in the frequency domain
E. Budding:              Linearized approximations for binary star
                         proximity effects and their applications
                         in photometric analysis
P. Niarchos:             Close Binaries: A study of proximity effects
                         and gravity darkening based on Kopal's Fourier
R.E. Wilson:             EB Models with Enhanced Generalization
D. Terrell:              Photometric Mass Ratios and Parameter Recovery
                         from Binary Star Data
P. Hadrava:              New techniques and limitations of
                         light curve analysis
B. de Loore:             Evolutionary calculations for massive systems
P. Eggleton:             Evolutionary calculations of low mass systems
D. Bisikalo:             Numerical modelling of mass transfer
                         in close binaries
T. Marsh:                Doppler tomography
N.N.:                    MHD calculations for circumstellar matter


Alan Batten              Dominion Astrophysics Observatory,
                         Victoria, Canada
Dmitrij V. Bisikalo      Inst. of Astronomy, Russian Academy of
                         Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Edwin Budding            CIT/Carter Observatory, Wellington,
                         New Zealand
Osman Demircan           Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University,
                         Canakkale, Turkey
Horst Drechsel (chair)   Dr. Remeis Observatory, Astron. Institute,
                         Univ. Erlangen-Nuernberg, Bamberg, Germany
Petr Hadrava             Astron. Institute Ondrejov,
                         Academy of Sciences of CZ
Pavel Mayer              Astronomical Institute, Charles University,
                         Prague, CZ
Zdenek Mikulasek         Inst. of Theoretical Physics and
                         Astrophys., Masaryk University, Brno, CZ
Izold Pustylnik          Tartu Observatory, Estonia
Nikolaj N. Samus         Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy
                         of Sciences; Sternberg Astronomical Inst., Moscow,
Dimitar Sasselov         Harvard University, Dept. of Astronomy, USA
Augustin Skopal          Astron. Institute, Tatranska Lomnica,
                         Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic
Robert Wilson            Astronomy Dept., University of Florida, USA
Marek Wolf               Astronomical Institute, Charles University,
                         Prague, CZ
Miloslav Zejda           N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium,
                         Brno, CZ


Miloslav Zejda (chair), Miroslav Broz, Petr Hajek, Ondrej Pejcha (BRNO-VSS),
Eva Piknova, Michaela Severova (Litomysl), Jan Janik (FS MU)

The organizers can look back to a more than 40 years lasting period
of continued observational and publication activities in the field
of variable star research, on an almost equally long tradition of
holding national conferences (mainly in Brno), and a 20 years history
of international contacts. While previous variable star meetings were
held at Brno Planetarium, this conference in honour of
Prof. Kopal will exceptionally take place at the castle of the
marvelous Bohemian town of Litomysl, Kopal's birth place.
The organizers hope that the meeting will not only help to remind
Zdenek Kopal as an esteemed colleague and outstanding astronomer, but
will also serve to present new aspects and trends in binary star
research and as a forum for discussion among astronomers from many


M. Zejda:  N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium,
           Kravi hora 2, 61600 Brno, CZ
           Phone:  420 541321287, fax 420 541233389
           WWW:    http://var.astro.cz/kopal

E-mail:    H. Drechsel (SOC):   drechsel at sternwarte.uni-erlangen.de
           M. Zejda (LOC):      zejda at hvezdarna.cz


Early registration: 15 February 2004
Late registration:  15 March 2004
Abstracts:          29 February 2004
Proceedings:         1 October 2004


The East Bohemian town of Litomysl emerged in the 13th century on the
site of an older fortified settlement on the Trstenice path -
an important trading route linking Bohemia and Moravia.
The dominant feature of Litomysl is the monumental Renaissance castle
dating from the years 1568-1581. The buildings of the castle precincts
are not only exceptional for their architectural refinement, but have
also inscribed themselves in history as the birth place of the Czech
national composer, Bedrich Smetana. On the elongated square, which is
one of the largest in the Czech Republic, a town hall of Gothic
origin and a series of Renaissance and baroque houses are found, many
of them with arcades and vaulted groundfloor rooms. One of the most
important of these is the House At the Knights (U Rytiru) with its
remarkable facade. In the past the town was also a significant
religious centre; it was in Litomysl in 1344 that the second bishopric
to be established in Bohemia was founded.
The cultural traditions of the town go much beyond regional and national
frontiers. The exquisite interiors of the castle, especially the baroque
castle theatre, the amphitheatre in the castle park and Smetanas' house,
all offer varied programmes of concerts and theatrical performances and
thus enrich the life of the town throughout the year. Litomysl came to
public notice in a political context as well: in 1994 the meeting of the
seven Central European presidents took place at the castle, and in 1995
the Spanish royal couple visited the town. The chateau complex was
included in the UNESCO list of cultural monuments 1999. Litomysl was
awarded the title "Historical town of the year 2000".

(for more information see www.litomysl.cz)


Long-term average temperature is 5 deg C at that time of the year.
Maximum measured temperature was 22 deg C, and minimum -7 deg C.
March/April may well be a rainy season.


Working language is English.
The time allocated for an invited review paper is 60 min, while
the time allowed for oral presentation of a contributed paper is
15 min + 5 min for discussion. We recommend using the possibility of
presentation of your contributions on poster displays (expected oral
presentation duration is 1 minute). The selected oral contributions
and posters will be published in the special conference proceedings.
The Proceedings will be published as a special issue of the Kluwer
journal Astrophysics & Space Science, which was founded by Kopal.
If you are interested in presenting a paper please submit your
abstract before February 29, 2004. Abstracts received after this
deadline will not be included in the booklet of abstracts to be
distributed at the beginning of the conference.


Conference participants will be accommodated at Hotel Dalibor,
Komenskeho nam. 1053, 570 01 Litomysl, CZ. This hotel is not far
from the town centre, at the main road Hradec Kralove-Brno-Olomouc.
The Dalibor hotel offers 55 rooms with 120 beds in single, double and
triple bedrooms; there are also two luxury suites. Every room is
completely furnished, with private bathroom, shower and phone.
Some rooms are equipped with TV and radio. Prices range from
450,- CZK per person per night (less than 15 EUR) and higher.
For reservations please visit
or send e-mail to:
                                hoteldalibor at centrum.cz.

In any correspondence please clearly indicate as reference the
 word "Kopal". Student hostels are also available for accommodation.
Participants can choose between a new modern hostel with similar
comfort and prices as the hotel and an older one (charging
150,- CZK, approx. 5 EUR per person per night). Accommodation in
student hostels will be arranged by the LOC. Please fill in the
appropriate part of the application form. In case of any problems or
for your special wishes please do not hesitate to write directly to
the LOC. Lunches and evening meals will be served at the conference
place in Litomysl castle. The average price of a main (opulent) meal
will be about 200 CZK (about 7 EUR).


The registration fee is 130 EUR, late registration fee 160 EUR, and
reduced fee for accompanying person is 35 EUR. The full registration
fee includes coffee, admission to party, excursion, concert, abstract
booklet, and a copy of the proceedings. The reduced registration fee
will only cover admission to conference sessions and concert, and
coffee. Please transfer your registration fee to:

            Account No. 78-9972320237/0100
            at Komercni banka, Smetanovo nam. 31, Litomysl.
            Swift code (BIC): kombczpp.

Please identify your payment by the
            reference number: 0503690272.

Kindly fill in the attached conference application form and send it
to the LOC. You can also use online registration on


Early registration deadline is 15 February 2004. The ultimate deadline
for acceptance of conference applications will be March 15. Please submit
(preferably in electronic form) a summary of your contribution before
29 February to ensure that it will be included in the program and
conference information material.


The organisers have only very limited possibility to support a few
participants. We will do our best to help you in any respect if
necessary. You can send your request to the LOC.


Litomysl is located 150 km away from Prague, 85 km from Brno,
50 km from Hradec Kralove. You can use busses from Prague or Brno
or (international) trains to Ceska Trebova, and from there local
trains or busses to Litomysl.

For railway or bus connections see actual information under

                             or http://www.vlak.cz

By car:

1) If you want to use a Czech highway you must buy a stamp
   (CZK 100,- for 10 days, CZK 200,- for 1 month).

2) For a map of the Czech Republic see   http://www.mapy.cz

We look forward to meeting you in Litomysl in Spring 2004

       Miloslav Zejda            Horst Drechsel
       chairperson of LOC        chairperson of SOC


Wednesday  10:00 Opening the conference
           12:00 Lunch

           14:00 First session
           15:20 Coffee break
           15:30 First session contd.
           16:50 Coffee break
           17:00 Poster session

           18:00 Dinner
           20:00 Welcome reception and poster exhibition

Thursday    9:00 Second session
1-Apr      10:20 Coffee break
           10:30 Second session contd.

           12:00 Lunch

           14:00 Third session
           15:20 Coffee break
           15:30 Third session contd.
           16:50 Coffee break
           17:00 Third session contd.

           18:00 Dinner

           20:00 Opera - V. Zouhar: Coronide
                        (to be performed in the castle's theatre)

Friday      8:00 Sightseeing tour of the town of Litomysl

           12:00 Lunch

           14:00 Fourth session
           15:20 Coffee break
           15:30 Fourth session contd.
           16:50 Coffee break
           17:00 Fourth session contd.

           18:00 Dinner

           20:00 Concert of Wallinger string quartet

Saturday    9:00 Fifth session
           10:20 Coffee break
           10:30 Fifth session contd.

           12:00 Lunch
           14:00 Final session
           16:00 Ending the conference

           20:00 Closing reception

Other events:

Saturday-Sunday         Congress of the Czech Astronomical Society

Saturday   17:00 Public lesson

Sunday     11:00 Unveiling of a tablet at Kopal's house
4-Apr      13:30 Prof. Zdenek Kopal and his astronomical
                        works (public lessons in Czech)
           17:00 Ending of the seminar

Please feel free to copy this form and to distribute it among
interested colleagues. Thank you.
Please submit by

email:                  zejda at hvezdarna.cz

or standard mail to:    Miloslav Zejda, BRNO-VSS,
                        N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium
                        Kravi hora 2, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Full Name:

I will attend the International Conference
ZDENEK KOPAL'S BINARY STAR LEGACY (31 March - 3 April, 2004)


I will probably not attend, but send me the further announcements:

Accompanying person(s)

Full Name:


I have booked my accommodation in Hotel Dalibor:

                        yes     not yet    will not

I would like to have the accommodation arranged at a student hostel.
Specify your wishes (number of nights, comfortable new hostel or
cheaper one, ...).

I would like to have the accommodation arranged at another hotel.
Specify your wishes (for example more comfortable, cheaper, only
in the centre of the city ...).

Order of lunch and evening meals:

Mar  31  lunch: yes/no    evening meal: yes/no
Apr. 1   lunch: yes/no    evening meal: yes/no
Apr. 2   lunch: yes/no    evening meal: yes/no
Apr. 3   lunch: yes/no    evening meal: yes/no
Apr. 4   lunch: yes/no

When do you intend to arrive at Litomysl?
Date and approx. time:

When do you intend to depart from Litomysl?
Date and approx. time:

Way of transport:

Will you have a car throughout the meeting?             yes/no

If yes, do you need driving directions?                 yes/no

Transfer of conference fee:

I have sent the conference fee to the mentioned account (date)

Request of financial support:

Comments, suggestions:

Review/contributed papers

Will you be present a paper?                           yes/no

If yes, please complete and return the attached
summary form no later than 29 February, 2004.

I will present (please check one):
  - a review paper                                     yes/no
  - a contributed paper                                yes/no

Would you like to present your contributed
paper as poster (max. size 200cm x 150cm)              yes/no

Would you like to present your paper orally?           yes/no

Name(s) of author(s):
Preliminary title of paper (in English):

Short summary (in English):

Audio-visual equipment required for presentation:

Overhead projector:____  Slide projector:____

Television and VCR:____  Personal computer ____

Other _______________________

Comments, suggestions:

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