[astroCS] "Iba taký malý, 5metrový projektil :) "

Marek Husarik mhusarik at ta3.sk
Wed Oct 1 13:30:56 UTC 2003

Observer alert:  
      Ted Bowell of Lowell Observatory told the Minor Planet
Mailing List (MPML) today of an urgent need for discovery follow-up
observations tonight by telescopes of two meters or larger for a dim and
fleeting object estimated to be two to five meters/yards wide (H=30.6,
      He said the preliminary calculation puts this object at 0.234 LD 
from Earth just before midnight UT Saturday - that's about 89,760
km. Such a close encounter will change this object's orbit,
all the more reason to obtain additional observations. If it had entered
Earth's atmosphere, it would have exploded harmlessly at high altitude. 
      The object currently carries a temporary designation, P00ACE, and was
on the Minor Planet Center's NEO Confirmation Page last night, gone this
morning, and back again at last check. It was found in images taken by Brian
Skiff early on the 28th and 29th at LONEOS but discovered by Bob Cash of
Minor Planet Research, which has collaborative use of some LONEOS imagery
for educational purposes and takes a different approach to discovery work. 

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