[astroCS] CERN pro profesory fyziky

Jiri Grygar grygar at fzu.cz
Fri Feb 7 17:17:18 UTC 2003


	jako v predeslych letech tak i letos usporada CERN o prazdninach
soustredeni vybranych stredoskolskych profesoru fyziky z clenskych zemi
CERN, mezi nez patri take CR.

	Podrobnosti jsou na internetove adrese, uvedene nize, pod mou
vizitkou. Jelikoz nemame databazi stredoskolskych profesoru fyziky,
prosim, abyste ve svem okoli rozsirili tuto informaci, aby se podud mozno
podchytily vsechny talenty. Podminkou je aktivni znalost anglictiny, v niz
je treba napsat zadost a rovnou poslat do CERN; neni treba zasilat nic
mne, a schopnost pracovat aktivne s internetem, a ovsem umet fyziku :-)

	V predeslych letech patrili vybrani uchazeci z CR mezi
nejuspesnejsi frekventanty techto kurzu, takze diky jejich dobremu jmenu
jsou i letos sance pro nove zajemce velmi priznive.

	Diky, zdravim,
					Jiri Grygar
					koordinator za CR

	RNDr. Jir~i' GRYGAR, CSc.	      Dr. Jiri GRYGAR
	Centrum c~a'sticove' fyziky	      Center for Particle Physics
	Fyzika'lni'  u'stav		      Institute of Physics
	Akademie ve~d C~eske' republiky	      Czech Academy of Sciences
	Na Slovance 2			      Na Slovance 2
182 21  Praha 8 - Liben~		      CZ-182 21 PRAGUE 8
	C~eska' republika                     The Czech Republic
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Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:51:27 +0100
From: michelangelo mangano <michelangelo.mangano at cern.ch>

Dear colleagues,
funding for the CERN programme for High School Teachers (HST) 2003 has
been approved, and we are ready to start officially the call for

While I already received a good number of unsolicited applications,
I guess due to the fact that knowledge about the programme is
spreading independently of our publicity campaigns, we still want to
make sure that outstanding potential candidates from the member States
have the opportunity to apply. I will therefore ask once more your
precious help in identifying good applicants from your country,
indicating to them to apply via the HST home page:


The deadline for applications is February 28. The programme will start
on June 29 and finish on July 19. As always, we expect to provide
financial support to at least one participant per each member
State. As in previous years, we shall welcome matching contributions
from the funding agencies of the countries.

best regards,

Michelangelo Mangano
th division, cern
office 4--2.046
tel: ++41-22-767 2820
fax ++41-22-767 3850


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