[astroCS] Re: [SBIG] SBIG Linux Driver/Library Module compiled with gcc ver. 3.2

Len Bright bright at infomagic.net
Sat Nov 30 05:51:56 UTC 2002

Do you think there would be enough interested Linux/SBIG users to begin
a separate Linux/SBIG user group similar to the primary SBIG group at

It seems that questions and concerns specfic to Linux users may better
be served by a separate user group. Obviously this would only be
beneficial if there are enough people interested. I would be willing to
serve as the group moderator mostly for the purpose of setting up the
list unless someone else would be more interested in doing that.



Jan Soldan wrote:
> Dear Sbig Linux Users,
> small changes inside the README.txt and app_makefile files were done
> to clarify that the binary forms of all static and shared libraries were
> created
> with c++ compiler:  gcc version 3.2.
> If you use former versions of gcc, say 2.95, 2.96, etc., you should get
> 'unresolved externals' during linking process, due to backward
> incompatibility.
> In this case you should download and install new version of gcc compiler.
> Best Regards,
> Jan Soldan
> PS: Thanks to Jose Nicolas Gonzales Perez from Hamburg observatory who
> noticed this potential problem...
> http://www.sbig.com/soldan/index.html
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