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Welcome on the web pages of the Meteor Data Center (MDC) of International Astronomical Union (IAU).

The IAU MDC database has been created in purpose to provide to the researchers interested in meteor astronomy the precise, reliable, and complete-in-compulsory-parameters data, gained by using of various detection techniques. The set of these data is assumed to be used especially in the methodological studies. Because of a possibility of comparison between the corresponding results obtained by various authors or author teams, which is possible if all they use basically the same data, no often upgraded of these - nominal - data is supposed.

These pages contain the data and documentation to the photographic, video, and sample of radio-meteor catalogs. In total, the current version of the database contains 4 873 photographic, 463 752 (110 521 CAMS and 353 231 SonotaCo) video and 8 916 radio-meteor records.

The chosen data can be printed, or downloaded (year by year) in the PDF, Excel-table, or CSV format (the menu will appear after you choose the catalog(s) and parameters, and click "Submit"; the chosen data will then appear at the bottom of the page).

The used catalog should be cited. The list of relevant references can be found here.

The email address to the contact point is

mdc_orbits [at]
Your message will reach Lubos Neslusan, Marian Jakubik, and Jan Svoren who maintain the orbital database.