CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 51, No.: 1, year: 2021

Abstract: The study is devoted to search for flare stars among confirmed members of Galactic open clusters using high-cadence photometry from TESS mission. We analyzed 957 high-cadence light curves of members from 136 open clusters. As a result, 56 flare stars were found, among them 8 hot B-A type objects. Of all flares, 63 % were detected in sample of cool stars (Teff<5000 K), and 29 % -- in stars of spectral type G, while 23 % in K-type stars and approximately 34% of all detected flares are in M-type stars. Using the FLATW'RM (FLAre deTection With Ransac Method) flare finding algorithm, we estimated parameters of flares and rotation period of detected flare stars. The flare with the largest amplitude appears on the M3 type EQ Cha star. Statistical analysis did not reveal any direct correlation between ages, rotation periods and flaring activity.

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