CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 45, No.: 2, year: 2015

Abstract: AO Ser is an eclipsing binary of the Algol type. We aim to present a new model of AO Ser and to justify the presence and the mode of pulsations of its primary component. We achieved these objectives by modelling our original U,B,V,RC,IC light-curves. Pulsations were investigated by means of the periodic analysis. In this way we determined fundamental (L,R,T) parameters of the binary components, their masses and the distance d=671+3-4pc to AO Ser. Our mass-ratio q=0.396 of the components is not consistent with previous estimates. We also argue that a suspected third component is not present in this system. Finally, we confirmed pulsations of the primary component and derived its more accurate period Ppuls=0.040 d. The primary pulsates in the first non-radial mode l=3.

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