CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 41, No.: 1, year: 2011

Abstract: The paper presents a list of 227 autumn Taurids selected from the newest version of the IAU MDC database of photographic orbits. The selection was made by a  method of indices described in detail in the paper on a  structure of Perseids (Kaňuchová et al., 2005). Because we wanted to study especially the fine structure of the inner part of the Taurid complex, we were focused on the interval of the higher activity of the stream — between the end of the Perseids activity and the beginning of the Geminids activity. We did not take into account outlying parts of the complex, which are active according to some authors until January. Therefore, the studied part of the database consisted of 1199 records. 84 orbits of the Northern Taurids and 143 orbits of the Southern Taurids were selected.

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