CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 40, No.: 3, year: 2010

Abstract: The mplemented project of the Space Research Center develops into two separate projects with ITMS codes 26220120009 and 26220120029 (hereafter referred to as the first and the second phase of CKV) to date the most promising directions of research with implications for the environment and human life -- research of the Sun, solar-terrestrial relations and research of a solid component of interplanetary matter in the vicinity of the Earth's orbit. In the research of interplanetary matter projects are studying physics and dynamics of small Solar System bodies, including bodies potentially dangerous for collision with the Earth, studying the dust component entering the Earth's atmosphere with rare impacts on the Earth's surface. In the first phase of CKV we are creating a station to obtain orbit data of meteors in the atmosphere. After completion of the video camera system, there will be possible to determine meteor paths in the atmosphere and calculate the orbits of particles in the Solar System before entering the Earth's atmosphere. The system will be realised at the Skalnaté Pleso Observatory. In the frame of the second phase of CKV an automatic bolide observatory will be purchased, which will be used for bolide studies at Lomnický Peak or Stará Lesná. A major modernization of the observatory for obtaining data on the solid component of interplanetary matter in particular to the Near Earth Asteroids (NEA), will be realised by construction of a robotic reflector with a primary mirror of 1.2--1.3 meters in diameter to discovering, photometry and spectroscopy of NEA. The telescope will be located in an existing robotic dome at the Skalnaté Pleso Observatory.

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