CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 37, No.: 3, year: 2007

Abstract: In a study of the Oort-Cloud dynamics, stellar perturbations should be taken into account. A model of stellar passages around the solar system has to reflect both the frequency and perihelion distribution of passing stars at the same time. We provide such a model for a 1 Gyr period assuming the same Galactic environment in a solar vicinity as it is nowadays for the entire period. The modelling includes the determination of a critical distance within which all stars of a given spectral type should be considered. The resultant data comprise the dynamical characteristics of 41 589 simulated stars passing the solar system over 1 Gyr. These data are available in an electronic form at Moreover, we demonstrate that the influence of the Galactic tide on the heliocentric trajectories of the stars, when they perturb the Oort-Cloud comets, can reliably be neglected.

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