CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 35, No.: 2, year: 2005

Abstract: Observations of solar prominences at the coronal station at Lomnický Štít have their prominent footing in the station's research programme of the study of solar activity, in particular the dynamics of prominences and their relation with the properties of the green corona (530.3 nm, Fe XIV). First sporadic observations of prominences date back to 1962, while systematic ones (covering the full disc of the Sun, irrespective of the fact whether a prominence was present or not) started in 1968. The basic data on prominences such as their position, height, brightness and area are published on a regular basis in the Solar Geophysical Data. From a large number of observations made at Lomnický Štít, an electronic archive of prominences was created and we plan to digitalize some of the most intriguing material. The paper describes the way the filing is performed, how the data are to be further processed and used for the study of solar activity.

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