CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 32, No.: 2, year: 2002

Abstract: The sensitivity of the line profile of the neutral Fe I 522.5nm line to Gaussian perturbations of temperature distribution in the photospheric models is examined. Stokes I response functions to temperature of the Fe I 522.5nm line have been calculated using different classes of the solar photospheric models. In the LTE approximation three one-component models HOLMU, HSRA, VAL3C and a new two-component photospheric model are tested. In the (log τ_5, λ) plane the response functions have been calculated for all four models. It is shown that in the case of one-component models, the temperature perturbation in the upper photospheric layers only affects the core of the line profile and in contrast, the temperature perturbation of the deep photosphere affects only the line-wings. This is not the case in the two-component model, where the heating or cooling of the upper photosphere significantly modifies not only the line-core but also the wings. A detailed examination of this effect is presented and discussed to point out the incompatibility of simplified one-component models with the real physical conditions of the stellar photosphere.

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