CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 28, No.: 3, year: 1999

Abstract: Simultaneous observations of the solar corona and the photometric standard stars make possible to calibrate the corona radiation in the BVR system. A possibility for such observations during the 1999 solar eclipse is proposed. For the observations we suppose to use a system consisting of a simple camera obscura and a CCD video camera ICD-42 B (699x576 pixels) with an enhanced sensitivity. It enables to detect 0.06 lux as a minimal registrated light flux. We plan to observe a 10 arc degrees field of view that provides us a sufficient amount of etalon stars for the calibration. Images of the solar corona and etalon stars obtained with use of B, V, R filters will be recorded on the VCR. The CCD photometer and the suggested method of data reduction and analysis are described.

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