CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 28, No.: 3, year: 1999

Abstract: A study of the solar coronal fine structure up to 5--6 solar radii as an indicator of the global and local processes on the Sun. The experimental detection of fast changes in coronal structures. An investigation of the minimal and maximal coronal structure (streamer form) as a result of the plasma layer projection on the picture plane along the neutral line. Obtaining 8--10 images of the white-light corona with the radial neutral filter. The special telescope was developed and manufactured. The telescope tube is directed to (or from) the polar star. The Sun's tracking is carried out by the whole telescope tube with the heliostat mirror around the polar axis. The lens of the telescope is a two-component Petzval type, the diameter is 120 mm, and the focal length is 1200 mm. The assumed angular resolution at the region +/-2.5 degree is near 5 arcsec. Data will be recorded either via an automatic 8-cm aerial camera or using a CCD-detector.

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