Title: Physical parameters and ±0.2% parallax of the detached eclipsing binary V923 Scorpii
Authors: Pribulla, T. et al.
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Description: The paper presents new observations of a bright and nearby southern eclipsing binary V923 Sco. The authors obtained for the object precise satellite photometry (MOST), which showed presence of a grazing secondary eclipse with a depth of only 13 mmag. A new long-baseline interferometry of V923 Sco enabled to resolve the binary at 9 epochs. Simultaneous analysis of position measurement, radial velocities, photometric observations as well as flux ratios obtained in several wavelength bands led to high-accuracy orbital elements a absolute parameters of the components. The most important result is direct determination of the object's distance comparing the projected size of the visual and spectroscopic orbit. The corresponding parallax, π = 16.018 ± 0.009 mas, was later independently confirmed by the Gaia DR2 ( π = 16.070 ± 0.054 mas). The result confirms the reliability of Gaia parallaxes even for objects close to the brightness limit of the satellite (V = 5.91).
Reference: Astronomy and Astrophysics, 616, 49 (2018
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