Title: Light-curve analysis of KOI 2700b: the second extrasolar planet with a comet-like tail
Authors: Z. Garai
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Description: The exoplanet KOI 2700b was discovered recently as the second exoplanet with a suggested comet-like dusty tail. It exhibits a distinctly asymmetric transit profile, likely indicative of the emission of dusty effluents and reminiscent of KIC 12557548b, the first exoplanet with a comet-like tail. We confirmed the disintegrating-planet scenario of KOI 2700b. Furthermore, via modeling, we derived some interesting features of KOI 2700b and its comet-like tail: we derived the orbital inclination angle with respect to the plane of the sky, the upper limit of the planet radius, the mass-loss rate and, finally, that in comparison with KIC 12557548b, KOI 2700b exhibits a relatively low dust density decreasing in its tail. The orbital period of the planet was improved based on all available Kepler data. We found no significant evidence for long-term orbital period changes of the planet KOI 2700b, which is in agreement with the theory of the catastrophic disintegration of planet bodies.
Reference: Astronomy & Astrophysics, 611, A63 (2018)
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