Journal: Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso

CAOSP cover page Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso (CAOSP) is a scientific astronomical journal in English language published three times a year (until year 2002 it was published twice a year, until 1995 once a year) by the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Tatranská Lomnica, the Slovak Republic.

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You can read and download the instructions for authors. You will need to download the LaTeX2E DocumentClass file for preparing the manuscript to be submitted to the journal. It comes with the example of a manuscript, BibTeX style, etc. and provides some practical instructions. Authors are strongly encouraged to use BibTeX.

Electronic version

You can browse our electronic archives with abstracts and full text versions. The full text version is available as well within the ADS article service. Complete CAOSP CD-edition on a CD ROM is avalable as well.

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